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The Stars Are Aligned

This journey I’m on takes me far and wide. Like, you know. From Des Moines to Tacoma. That is a long way to go for yeast and canned tomatoes. But let me back up a sec.

I recently attended an event with Isaac for the winners of Parent Map’s Golden Teddy Awards. Isaac won best Children’s Live Entertainment. Pretty cool and ego boosting for him. What I got out of the deal was to meet the brand manager of Tutta Bella’s, one of the best Neapolitan Pizzeria’s in the Seattle area. I told her of my pizza obsession and she hooked me up. Free pizza coupon, the recipe to the pizza sauce and pizza dough, and the promise of taste testing in December and January. Very fruitful evening for me.

I needed some ingredients I can’t get at my local grocery store so I stocked up on Italian Type OO flour on Amazon and headed to Tacoma’s Metropolitan Market for fresh compressed yeast and San Marzano tomatoes. I’ve since stocked up on those on Amazon as well. Much cheaper, and amazing sauce! Let’s not forget Salumi’s salami and more bufala mozzarella. It’s not our first time at the¬†buffalo¬†rodeo.

Holey Grail, or something like it.


Fresh, compressed yeast.

Italian Typo 00 Flour and Sea Salt

Italian San Marzano canned tomatoes. DOP designation and all. Majorly official.

Mozzarella Bufala!

Best stuff. Ever.

This is why God invented the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (with dough hook).

3 Weekends’ worth of pizza dough.

Is it weird that I think they’re super cute? And they smell like what heaven must smell like.

Pizza making station. Ready. Set. Go!

As round as it’s gonna get over here.

Ella’s pie. Basic Kraft mozzarella and turkey pepperoni.

The grown-up pie with the mozzarella bufala, basil, and Salumi salami. And truffle oil.

I’ve got to admit that the crust turned out better on Ella’s pie and I know it’s because the fresh mozzarella has a much higher water content. I think I need to give the crust a head start by putting it in the oven with no toppings and then piling it on. It turned out soggier than it should be even for a Neapolitan.

Still, we’re on the right track and it still tasted amazing. We soldier on. It’s a tough gig.