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Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Food |

Strawberry Buttercream cupcakes


Our dog Talia recently had her 3rd birthday and I was after an excuse to make cupcakes. I thought she might like strawberry and so I hunted and pecked the Pinterest until I found this recipe.IMG_4190

Let’s make some batter! It’s pretty standard vanilla cake batter. I’ve got just 2 exciting photos for you. The dry goods, and the completed batter in the muffin cups.IMG_4191

On to the buttercream frosting. Blender up some strawberry puree. IMG_4215

The basic ingredients are butter (not shown), the puree, heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract.IMG_4218

Mix it all together and you get this pretty fluffy stuff.IMG_4220

This lovely gadget was given to me by my mom for my birthday. I haven’t had ample opportunities to play with it but I knew now would be a good time.IMG_4221

How pretty are these???IMG_4224

Boxed up and ready to roll to a Cinco de Mayo party.IMG_4225