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Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Food |

Open-Faced Chicken Sandwiches


This lovely Cooking Light recipe can be found here on their website. Great when you’re needing something lean and fast.IMG_4193

Start off with lightly salted and peppered chicken breast halves or fillets. Cook on a grill pan until cooked through.IMG_4194

Artichoke pesto starts off with about 8 oz artichoke hearts and some other stuff… if you want to know what you can follow the link above. I did this several days ago and I can’t remember that far back. Getting old = what was that now?IMG_4195


Fresh parsley is nice, but the chopping I could do without.IMG_4198

I confess… I did eat a couple of bites of this chicken on its own. IMG_4199

We served this with sweet potato fries. The sandwich then is built with multigrain bread, then artichoke pesto, then chicken, followed by shaved parmiggiano and parsley.
IMG_4201Do I know how to pick ’em or what???