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Spicy Asian Noodles

Thank you to friend Cassie for recognizing a good Cooking Light recipe when she saw one and making sure I knew about it. It was a couple of weeks ago now but it was worth the wait! Get it here.


I followed the recipe pretty closely, but upped a couple of the flavors for, well, more flavor. From looking at the pic on the web page too I think I didn’t get quite the same kind of rice-flour noodles as was used. Mine were definitely the phad thai variety.


I LOVE using ginger root! Smells sooooo good. I hate grating it though. Takes forever just to get a tablespoon. Any tips????


All prepped and ready to go!


Here we have most of the ingredients in the process of getting mixed together.


The recipe does not mention mixing the noodles and chicken mixture and then returning it all back to the pan. I realized when I was done with what the recipe said that I had a lot of cold food on my hand (and firmer than I would like noodles) and so I threw it all back in the pan for a bit, which warmed up the food and softened the noodles. I know some people like cold noodles (and some reviewers of this recipe even mentioned it being good cold the next day for leftovers), but I don’t!


This dish was really, really good. I upped the garlic (A LOT) and did 3 teaspoons of the chile paste instead of just 2. Probably could have done 4 but I had to cater a tad to the 9-year-old in the house who’s spice taste buds have not yet fully developed.


You are welcome!