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Posted by on Aug 29, 2013 in Disney Travel, Food |

WDW Contemporary Resort: Steakhouse Salad

Today’s recipe comes from “Delicious Disney”. Many of the recipes seem a tad ambitious, at least for me. There is, however, a section on “casual” foods. Those I can handle. I don’t often do entree salads but if there’s ever a salad I can handle it’s one with steak!



I do believe this is the first time I’ve cubed up steak like this. Little weird not just throwing it on the grill all whole like.


I love my mortar and pestle. I SUPER love the fresh ground pepper you can get from using one!



Smelled pretty great.


And we jump on over to “done”. You didn’t see the tortillas I flame grilled to charcoal on my grill. These ones I did in a grill pan in the safety of my kitchen. Suckers char up quick!

IMG_4972Goat cheese and onions and steak. I mean really. Can’t go wrong. Now, I have not had this salad at the Contemporary Resort so I cannot say how well I did. It did the trick.