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Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in Life |

Bathroom Re-Do

It’s now spring and that means it’s time to perk some things up. Some years ago I had decorated my bathroom in a manner that I thought felt grown up, and that was what I was after. Now, I just want things to be comfortable, bright, and charming.

I’m too impatient to get going to pause and take proper before pictures… let’s call these kinda/sorta before.

This would be the vanity. It predates us in this house. Nothing special and so I have no qualms about painting it. Please don’t look at the floor… not gonna do anything about that awfulness for some time yet.


This bathroom is also our utility room. Hello ugliness. We did have a curtain across the entrance to the washer/dryer and then I had artwork covering up the utility panels.


This mirror was fine for an orange bathroom, but not for what I had planned.



So very orange. I had called it rustic Tuscan orange. It was fine for awhile.

I wanted to show this picture because I think it’s hilarious. I needed to change the light fixture but all light fixtures in our house are on 1 fuse. Got flash light apps running on my 3 mobile devices and finished the job.


Finished room. Hard to get good pics because the room is so small. I love this local shop called Persnickety’s Emporium of Awesome. They’re currently moving from Pacific, WA to Sumner, WA. You can find them downtown as of April 4th. Any way, I got the basket that I made a light fixture out of there, as well as the window pain above the toilet. The gold mirror has been spray painted white. It’s got a kind of blue hue, which next to the window pain isn’t all that great. I may keep my eye out for a better (and more rustic) mirror.

The walls are a light gray and you can see I’ve got a gray curtain that spans that whole washer/dryer/electrical panel area now.


Oh, and I got the drawer pulls from Oriental Trading Co. They’re rustic metal stars. Love ’em!

I had picked up this white basket at Fred Meyer not knowing what I was going to do with it. I decided to hang it on the wall and put hand towels in it. I picked up the hanging glass vase at Cost Plus. I love that store.


The ladder is the other half of what I’ve got in my kitchen. It’s a towel rack now.



The whole thing just feel much cleaner and brighter. Very happy.