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Posted by on Mar 30, 2013 in Life |

Pantry Re-Do

More spring cleaning business. I have hated our “pantry” (for lack of a better term) since we bought the place 6.5 years ago. We live in a townhouse built in the 60’s. Apparently people in the 60’s didn’t need to store anything because there’s no storage. We have to resort to things like this. It’s ugly, dirty beyond cleaning, and poorly made. Eye sore to the nth degree.


Again, I wish I were better with the before pics, as this is an in between stage. I had seen photos on Pinterest of other people’s beautiful pantries (the built in kinds with lots of space) and got at least some basic ideas on what I could do to reorganize. I got myself a bunch of Ball jars in various sizes and 4 of those cereal containers and got to work. I also have some buckets and a jar (for the candy, of course!). Oh, and I bought chalkboard contact  paper so I could make labels. Easy.


Here we are on switcheroo day. I went to IKEA yesterday and bought the new pantry. The old one has been vacated and the contents are just all over the place at the moment.


And my living room is a hot mess.


Here be the new pantry. It’s a modular entertainment center unit consisting of 2 cabinets stacked. I have been wanting glass fronted cabinets for awhile. Might see about doing a cabinet face lift for the rest of the kitchen. There’s those star drawer pulls again. They came in a set of 6.


So clean and organized. Let’s see how long this lasts.


Pretty little Ball jars holding anything that came in a box or bag.


The new cabinets are a good 9 inches narrower so I got this metal shelving that matches another we have on the opposite wall. Great for storing more of the Ball jars.



We have a LOT of rice. I’m not sure what that’s all about as for the most part the rice we eat the most of lives in a big ol’ bag and gets cooked in our rice cooker.


Feels good to have gotten that all sorted out. Now to get up the energy to repaint the kitchen. Ugh.