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About Me


I would imagine for the most part those of you visiting this blog know me. So for the few that happened here some how here’s what you need to know.

I’m from Washington. State. Western Washington, to be more specific,and just 8 minutes from Seattle-Tacoma Airport and 20 minutes from downtown Seattle, to be even more specific. When I was a kid we moved to Arizona for a good 18 months and returned, so it’s not like I’ve never lived anywhere else. In my opinion, Washington beats Arizona, hands down. Some of my family would disagree since they have since returned to the Phoenix area. More room here for me, I guess.

I am a wife to Isaac and mom to daughter Ella. Isaac is a full time professional magician/entertainer. He goes by Louie Foxx and if you want to find out more visit him at He’s also a Guinness World Record Holder for bubble bouncing. I am definitely his straight man (er, girl).

Ella is a fun kid. She loves to read, do art (in fact, at this point in her life she believes she will grow up to be an artist), play on anything electronic, play with her Monster High Dolls, and play with Lego.

I am a graphic designer. In truth I could be more specific and say “web designer” as that’s 99.9% of what I do but I’d like to think with my background at the Art Institute of Seattle I can and would do print. In fact I do, on the odd occasion when I get a client through my freelance biz, Noodle Design. These days I work full time doing web design for a company in Seattle.

As for things I like to do for fun? I read. I’ve even got 2 Kindles. I was learning how to play the banjo and still pick it up on occasion. I just don’t have as much free time as I’d like. I do mostly enjoy cooking though at times I plain just don’t want to (but I would imagine that’s how most people are). That’s when you’ll spot lulls in my blog postings. I’ve been on a roll though.

I love all things Disney. It is my hope to become a Disney travel agent at some point as I am already solicited for advice by friends and family. We tend to go once a year and it just never gets old. I even follow 10 Disney blogs, and I’m sure I’ll add more to Google Reader. If I could move to Anaheim I’d probably try and get a job at the Disneyland Resort. Can’t get enough!

So that’s me. Just a typical working mother who has to feed her family so why not make it interesting?