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Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 in Food

Apple-Cheddar Soup with Bacon

Apple-Cheddar Soup with Bacon

Recipe courtesy of the current Cheese issue of Food Network magazine (a subscription for which I thank my sister Katrina for!). Isaac kept raving over this one. Not calorically safe though, just FYI. I think it’s 495 calories per serving. Yikes. :/ Here you can see the ingredients all ready to go. I am the slowest cook over, else I think the writers of recipes fudge a smidge. It says 40 minutes but it took me an hour and 20 minutes. I think they start counting time after everything has been measured and chopped and diced and sliced. I think that’s misleading. But any how… here my apples, apple, and onion are peeled and chopped and stock and apple juice are measured out, and my pepper is freshly ground. Cooking the apples, potatoes, and onion. Now simmering until potatoes are tender. Making croutons! Cute little crouton squares! Cheese time. I don’t make much use of my blender so it was fun to get it out and puree the soup....

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